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I’m Pro Goat and Food Freedom Supporters WILL be at the June 1st Visalia City Council Meeting to Discuss Backyard Chickens


The heart of this issue isn’t just “chickens” or “goats”, the issue is ultimately about FOOD FREEDOM, PROPERTY RIGHTS and RIGHT TO PRIVACY!

This is why the folks here at will proudly and gladly advocate for chickens as the unjust laws governing private property are overturned in the City of Visalia. After all.. we know how to bring the party. 😉

Come join us, and be part of the movement in Visalia that is finally acting upon restoring our God-given rights to property, self-reliance, and providing for our children with superior nutrition!

Be sure to come out early to grab your I’m Pro Goat and Food Freedom stickers! Hope to see you there!! <3