CONGRATULATIONS PRO GOATERS!!! We Submitted Our Ballot Initiative!!

Yesterday we filed the Family Food Freedom Act in Visalia, CA! Rather than repeat myself, please watch the video below of me addressing the City Council and informing them of our efforts, along with the official language of our ballot initiative. Check it out!

I am here today to inform you of my efforts in the community. Since I last addressed the City Council asking for assistance and consideration regarding legalizing miniature goats, dozens of citizens of Visalia have come together to form the Political Action Committee, Urban Farmers for Food Freedom.
We formed in an effort to protect essential human rights and liberties, and to advocate for property rights and food freedom.
This is why I’m speaking here tonight. I’m here to inform you that Urban Farmers for Food Freedom has just returned from the City Clerks office earlier today, where we filed our Family Food Freedom Act Initiative, which, when voted on by the People, will legalize milk producing miniature goats and egg laying chickens within the City of Visalia.
I regret that it has come to this, but the time has come to take the decision making power out of uncaring hands, and put it where it belongs – with the People, the voters of Visalia. Because the fact of the matter is, Visalia is pro-goat and we vote.
I’d like to read you the official language we submitted, and I would like to – once again – invite each and every one of you to be representatives of the people of Visalia, to listen to your constituency, and to take a stand for families and food freedom.
Also, before I get into the language of the initiative, I really want to thank Amy and Warren for really listening to the people and putting the will of the public first and foremost in regards to the issue of chickens. You have done your duty as representatives of the public and that is admirable.
Now, from what I understand, every single one of you on the council still have the ability to embrace this and make this ordinance change happen without costing the citizens and the City of Visalia money in the election process – around $120,000 or more from what I understand. This ballot initiative will happen, as I’m sure all of you all well aware.
So why do you want to be wasteful? Why would you want to burn through taxpayers hard earned money over an inevitable ordinance change that you could resolve yourselves? Just to be stubborn?
Please keep in mind that it is not too late to make this change happen as I read this initiative to you.
The language we submitted is as follows:
Food producing animals may be kept by any Family household within the Visalia City limits, as follows:  A maximum of up to six (6) chickens, and up to four (4) miniature goats (miniature goats shall mean Nigerian Dwarf or African Pygmy breeds of goats), combined.  A total maximum of ten (10) food producing animals shall not be exceeded per Family household.
The following requirements must be kept:
No Roosters may be kept.
No intact male goats older than ten (10) weeks (intact means not neutered).
There must be at least ten (10) square feet of permeable land area available for each chicken, plus adequate enclosed shelter space for all chickens.
There must be at least one hundred (100) square feet of permeable land area available for each miniature goat, plus adequate shelter space for each miniature goat.
Adequate shelter must be provided to protect the food producing animals from the elements and to prevent wildlife or other predators from gaining entry.
Adequate fencing shall be provided to prevent the food producing animals from escaping when not in their shelters.
The number of food producing animals allowed under this section shall not be counted against the number of dogs and/or cats allowed under other provisions of this code (See the municipal codes permitting up to four dogs and/or cats combined per Family household within the City limits).
And that’s it! It’s that simple. It’s that innocent. With Fourth of July fresh on everyones minds, now is a great time to take a stand for individual and family freedoms. As I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, we’d love to work with you. This will happen and it would be a pleasure to have you folks on board and doing your part to serve and honor and fight for the values of Visalians.






Also, check out the Visalia Times Delta article from this morning! CLICK HERE TO READ!

Want to help us cover the ongoing costs of legalizing miniature goats and chickens and restoring food freedom and property rights to 130,000+ Visalians? Click the link below to donate today!


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