The RQ Factor Author Todd Bagley is Pro-Goat!



We have been thrilled to be contacted by various journalists, authors, artists and activists in our fight to legalize miniature goats and chickens in Visalia, California.
Awhile back, we were contacted by Southern California author Todd Bagley, author of The RQ Factor. Todd messaged me:
“In the span of a few minutes during an interview you gave, I heard you key into a core issue: “apathetic voters”… as such I think you would appreciate our Foreword which introduces and unpacks and idea we call Kewl-Aid (Knowledge Enhanced Wishful Living is a snare for the Apathetic, Ignorant and Docile). Perhaps what we need is to realize that our problems are not caused by “right vs. left” as much as they are “up vs. down”.”
Intrigued, I agreed to meet Todd over coffee over Independence Day weekend.
We had a lively conversation, and I was happy to hear Todd expound on his book – a business text that addresses the pursuit of happiness in sales, marketing and leadership systems. At the end of our meeting, Todd gave Susan and I some autographed copies of his book.
I recently finished my copy, and while I am not a business-minded person, I found it an enlightening read and a great little book for life and liberty loving pursuers of Happiness!
Huge thank you to Todd for reaching out to Urban Farmers for Food Freedom! It’s amazing to see how many food freedom fighters there are out there joining us in this battle!



If you’d like to check out Todd’s book, visit

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