Urban Farmers for Food Freedom Addresses the Visalia Unified School District and Tulare County Board of Education


Over the past few months, dozens of citizens of Visalia have come together to form the organization, Urban Farmers for Food Freedom. We formed this committee in an effort to protect essential human rights and liberties, and to advocate for and educate the community concerning food freedom and urban food production topics.

Last week Urban Farmers for Food Freedom filed a ballot initiative with the City Clerk – the Family Food Freedom Act Initiative – which, when voted on by the People, will legalize milk producing miniature goats and egg laying chickens within the City of Visalia. In the following days after filing, we also addressed the Visalia Unified School District and Tulare County Board of Education.

In response to the economic and social climates, there is a nationwide movement to legalize food producing animals such as chickens and miniature goats in residential areas of major cities.

We have been following some of the proven and successful methods of major cities that have legalized these animals and have found that with the legalization of urban agriculture, there has been an increase in educational outreach and involvement with school districts in the basic question, “Where does my food come from?”

Major cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, New York and Portland have all legalized miniature goats and chickens within city limits and there has been a significant increase in educational efforts to teach kids basic skills and principals and offer first hand experiences with small food producing animals.


We know the value of having responsibly owned food producing animals in our backyards. We see our children learning – not through agricultural tourism, but as a day to day experience – where food comes from. Urban agriculture allow children to learn life lessons from responsibility to compassion for animals to basic food production.

Childhood in only enriched by these experiences!

Legalizing food producing animals that abide by all noise, trespass and health ordinances – usually more faithfully than the traditional dog and cat – is a great victory for families and especially for small children.

But until we win this victory for food freedom, property rights and family rights here in Visalia, Urban Farmers for Food Freedom would love to donate our time, energy and efforts to the Visalia Unified School District and Tulare Board of Education, in the form of classroom visits, workshops and educational lectures.

We can bring baby miniature goats to the classroom – these little guys weigh 2 pounds at birth and max out averaging at 35 pounds. We can discuss the digestive processes of ruminants, the history of goats (one of mankinds first domesticated animals) and even let kids try their hand at milking!

Regarding chickens, we can donate eggs and equipment to host “springtime egg hatching in the classroom” and go over the reproductive and gestational developments of baby chicks. The options and opportunities are endless and we are certainly open to suggestions.

Just know that we are here to help, educate, and to serve, and we would love to work with this exceptional school district and do our part to offer exciting, innovative and imaginative educational experiences to Visalia youth.


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