Mini Goat Facts


Some Fast Facts and FAQ About Miniature Goats!

How long do miniature goats live?
Roughly 8 to 12 years. Similar to dogs and cats, goats which are well cared can live past 15 years.
How tall do miniature goats get?
Females average 16 to 22 3/8″ at the withers. Males average between 16 to 23 5/8″ at the withers.
How much do miniature goats weigh?
Healthy females average between 35 to 60 pounds. Healthy males average between 35 to 75 pounds.
What do miniature goats eat?
Goats are vegetarians. Their primary diet consists of greens and grains.
How much space does a miniature goat need?
Miniature goat societies recommend between 200 to 300 square feet of outdoor space for a pair of miniature goats. Goats require sturdy fencing at least 47 inches high with openings no larger than 4 inches.
What kind of housing do miniature goats need?
Goats housing needs are very similar to dogs. In warmer climates, such as in the Central Valley, they simply need a sturdy, well-ventilated shelter to get out of the wind or rain – a large dog house works perfectly.
Can you train a miniature goat?
Miniature goats are extremely smart, and can learn many tricks typically associated with dogs. They can be leash and harness trained. They can learn to heel, back up, come when called, walk on their hind legs, shake, give you a kiss, spin in a circle, carry packs and pull carts.
What are the benefits of owning a miniature goat?
Miniature goats are a great source of fresh milk, cheese and yogurt. On average two miniature goats can provide as much as a half gallon of milk per day. Goat manure can also be added to compost piles or used directly as a fertilizer when tilled into the soil. Goats also just make really great pets!
Are there any special considerations when owning a miniature goat?
Miniature goats are very relaxed, low maintenance animals. Like any pet, they require commitment and attention from their owners for ultimate health and happiness.
It is important to note that miniature goats are herd animals and are happiest with other goats, therefore a minimum number is two goats. When kept solo, miniature goats can get depressed, lethargic, and very vocal.

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