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Who Are We?

We are concerned mothers. We are pet lovers. We are food freedom activists. We are PRO GOAT and PRO CHICKEN!
This movement to legalize miniature goats and chickens in the City of Visalia, California was started when the Freeman family were told by the city that they must get rid of their two Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats or face daily fines of $1000. The Freemans, who own their home and have ample space for the miniature goats, use the goat milk to make organic infant formula for their two daughters, aged 7 weeks and 19 months.
The goats are vital to their daughters nutrition because Gingi Freeman, the mother of the two baby girls, is unable to breastfeed due to a corrective surgery as a teenager. 
Gingi was born with a congenital abnormality called tuberous breasts hypoplasia. The condition alone affects the ability of women to breastfeed because the milk glands usually do not develop enough to produce breast milk. After finding various (thankfully noncancerous) lumps in her breasts as a teenager, her doctor decided to remove them, and in the process perform reconstructive plastic surgery. Gingi ended up receiving a partial mastectomy, which removed her milk glands and damaged the nerves around her areola – sealing the deal that she would never be able to produce breast milk and breastfeed in the future.
With the cost of goat milk being exceptionally prohibitive, and no raw organic goat milk options in the Central Valley, the Freeman family’s goats were more than just pets – they were a source of vital nutrition for their children.
This movement is not just about owning pets. It’s not just about asserting homeowners rights to privacy and property. This is a movement that encompasses food freedom, freedom of self-reliance, and freedom to provide for your children with superior nutrition.
Are we advocating that the city adopt county ordinances? No! Scale is everything. What can be reasonably done on a city lot? Can you humanely raise 200 head of cattle without breaking noise, health or nuisance ordinances? Not likely. But can a small flock of chickens and a couple of dwarf goats have a safe, clean home in a Visalia backyard? Most definitely!
After the Industrial Revolution, humans made the switch from being mostly rural to mostly urban. The majority of our population now lives in cities. The notion that city-dwellers should not have the right to produce food on their small piece of land is not only unfair, but dangerous – as it leaves urban residents vulnerable to a multitude of food safety and security concerns.
In this agriculturally rich region of the Central Valley, land is quite expensive. Some people simply cannot afford to live in the country. It is a shame that a city would punish low-income citizens and needlessly deprive those who most need the financial benefit of self-sustainability, simply because they cannot afford the luxury of owning gratuitous amounts of land in complete isolation from others.
While many people who live in the city may be content to purchase all of their food from stores, those that opt to pursue greater food independence (whether for financial, health, environmental, or food safety and security reasons) should be allowed to do so. It is a basic human right!

We urge you to join the food freedom revolution, stand up for individual rights and VOTE PRO GOAT!!!!


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  1. Suzi says:

    So, I’m taking it the two above commenters “sex” and “porn” are some feeble minded types who think it looks funny to have ‘sex’ and ‘porn’ show up in your ‘about me’ page. OR are they just anti-goat losers?

  2. Tanya Kepic says:

    I have two backyard goats in Australia and enjoy fresh organic milk my neighbors dont mind and they are clean

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