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  1. Audrey Stephenson says:

    Goat milk is the nearest thing to human milk there is. I raised two infants on it and milked the goats too. I pasturized it at home until they were older, just to be safe. It saved their lives cause formula would not stay down on them either. This has been several years ago, they are grown and are just fine…lol. I still have backyard chickens and a garden…I join you in this fight…the right to make our own decisions, grow our own food, and raise our own children to the best of our ability….without big brother interfering!

  2. Darren Owen says:

    Hi guys, id like to say that i am very taken aback about ur story after seeing the the interview with the incredible lady on the alex jones show. i my self live in the United Kingdom, rules and regulations have recently tightened on these issues here to, in both our countries it seems like the nanny state is tightening its grip on free thinking health loving citizens who want nothing more than long life and health for there children, this wrong, plz keep up the fight! many people here are behind you, god bless

  3. Diane Luiz says:

    Where can I get a pro goat tshirt?

  4. Debbie Tharp says:

    Hey neato! Thanks for doing this! I live on Church St. and really, really want chickens, but the yard is just a little too small according to current standards. I actually found you while I was looking or help circulating the SB277 referendum and had no idea this was going on because I’ve been so busy with political actions away from home (I’m a political consultant and do a lot of ballot initiatives.) Could you please let me know when you are ready to circulate and have paper? I’m pretty sure I can get at least a couple hundred signatures to help out, even with my crazy busy schedule. Also, if you need any help with typesetting or whatever I’ll chip in. (I have a wicked printer that will crank out pages at 2 cents a copy too.) My number is 559-309-8924. Feel free to contact me anytime, and thank you again! I can’t wait to build a chicken tractor in my back yard đŸ˜€

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